Why Coffee Therapy?

The Coffee Therapy Magazine was created by Anna, a woman just like you.

Following her graduation in 2020, she struggled to find a job and, subsequently, grew increasingly frustrated with the system.

Finally, after months of trying to break into the magazine and book publishing industries, she decided that enough was enough. It was now time to break the mould and follow her lifelong passion for writing.

She set up her little office, purchased a couple of beautiful notebooks, and registered herself as self-employed.

But she didn’t just start working straight away! She spent countless hours and sleepless nights educating herself about online marketing, copywriting, and the art of crafting engaging and compelling copy.

Since then, she completed marketing certifications online, began a career as a freelance copywriter, and has written copy for many amazing people and organisations from all over the world, including the NHS.

But the issues surrounding women during the unprecedented times of the global COVID pandemic had left Anna deeply disturbed.

What if creating a female-only platform, a dedicated space for all women to share their feelings and motivate one another, was the answer? – she thought one night while drinking her 4th mug of coffee.

So, she took the plunge and created ‘Coffee Therapy – The Online Magazine That Empowers’, believing that, as women, we can lift each other up and create a safer, more beautiful world. Together.

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is this – patriarchy and misogyny are real.

Concealed for years, it has now become apparent that these issues form our everyday lives. They have not gone away. And if we are to change the system, we mustn’t turn on one another. We must work together instead.

So, maybe you are like Anna.

Maybe you disagree with how women are being treated.

Maybe, you have sent out 100’s of job applications and received the dreaded ‘unfortunately, we decided to move on with a different applicant’ email.

Maybe it is time to break to mould!

Why not share your frustration or join Anna in her mission?