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How To Meet Someone in a World of ‘Swipe Right’ Culture?

So you want to know how to meet someone in real life, but the Tinder culture stands in your way?

“Did you swipe right?”  

Let’s be honest, we have all probably heard that phrase dancing around countless times during our commute to work, over drinks at the bar with friends, or maybe even from passing conversations heard in snippets along the street. 

The truth is, we all most likely know someone who partakes in the ‘swipe life.’ 

While apps and technological advances have brought us light and entertainment, have they not also taken away the joy of serendipitous and authentic moments? The kind we experience free from our mobile devices and ‘swipes,’ which have become ingrained in our daily lives? The kind which make us feel fulfilled and truly alive as humans? 

What happened to the good old Meet Cute? 

The days where epic romances and connections were forged from an in person encounter which felt cosmically designed? A meeting where two sets of hopeful eyes would meet from across a room and a playful conversation would begin? Where chemistry would blossom into endless nights of laughter and adventure? Sweeping stories could be told of how lovers met? Where the answer didn’t begin and end only with, “Well, you see …we met on Tinder!”? 

Now, that’s not to say that dating apps can’t be fabulous, but how to meet someone in the real world?

For some, they are a solid and proactive choice. However, for you old souls out there who dream of a touch more spontaneity or a chance romantic encounter to rival even the greatest romance movies, do read on. 

Listed below are a few essential hints on how to increase your chances of adding a little more of that all important IRL action to your very own Meet Cute.  

Hint #1 – The Passionate Hobbyist  

Finding someone IRL who shares similar passions to you is monumentally important in the journey to forging a meaningful connection. Particularly in the beginning stages of a relationship, when you are treading in the land of the unknown, having a shared interest allows for the cultivation and nurturing of a bond rooted in mutual passion. This connection will serve you faithfully as a relationship cornerstone. 

As such, why not join an interactive club or begin a hobby which will allow you to meet and socialise with other like-minded individuals? Potentially, among them will be your perfect equal match, and a dazzling romance could ensue. How romantic, the notion of being able to say, “We fell in love over our shared passion for …”. 

Hint # 2 – Wonder & Whimsy at the Workplace  

Whilst it has been said that one should never mix business with pleasure, perhaps keeping an eye out for potential workplace romantic interactions is actually rather wise.  

In this crazy adventure of life, the truth is we just never really know where and when we will meet that all important person we so long to find. By ruling out co-worker romances, you may just be shutting out an avenue that could actually bring dazzling joy to your life. 

So don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled and actively look for the positive, respectful and sparkling chemistry around you. Maybe you will find it over a conversation in the employee lounge or over drinks at that annual work party. The possibilities are endless. After all, keeping an open mind and heart is the golden key to unlocking a beautiful IRL love story. 

Hint # 3 – How To Meet Someone – Holiday Blush

The sunshine, the adventure and the charm of holidays can be (to say the least) wonderfully intoxicating. Strolling down beautiful blooming avenues laced with scented florals and sampling every flavour of ice cream under a sleek, starry sky can be perfection. 

But for those of us who wish for there to be a special someone beside us to share in these moments, it can be a pretty melancholy experience. 

As such, remember when travelling to keep your beautiful, loving heart and soul open to opportunity. Remain optimistic about the possibility of meeting your true love on vacation. You never know, they could be the bashful reader sat three rows down on the plane, the stunningly enigmatic bartender in the hotel, or maybe even the local artist who lives in a quaint cottage at the edge of the ocean. 

Who we are supposed to align with can be a mystery, so if you genuinely connect with someone IRL on holiday, be fearless and open to spontaneity; take a chance on the beauty of serendipity… the perfect romance may just bloom under the golden gaze of a tropical sun.  

Hint # 4 – Friendships & Flirtations  

Sometimes you just have ‘that’ friend. You know the one… the one who seems to be perpetually well connected with a myriad of intriguing and unique people; the one who always says you should meet their friend because you would go together like strawberries and cream in the summer. 

Truly fascinating, insightful and unique people can be hard to find, especially IRL when you are searching for someone with a similar moral compass to you. 

Finding that person who has magnetic chemistry, is respectful, and is also fascinating can appear almost impossible. However, don’t despair just yet! Perhaps the next time ‘that’ friend suggests meeting their connections, you should give it a shot. Your good friends should know you better than the lyrics to their favourite song and therefore should also be an insightful source on who they think you would match well with. 

Trust your friend, take a chance and venture out on a date with that recommended romancer; you just might be enamoured with what you discover.    

However you dream of meeting your epic love IRL, whether in a bookstore, at a festival or whilst admiring the elaborately decorated patisserie in a Parisian bakery, just remember the following things…

1. Always ensure that you feel safe and comfortable in the company that you keep.
2. Always wear your crown with pride. The right person will never ask you to remove it but eternally encourage you to keep adding new jewels. 
3. Love with all that you have, with every ounce of kindness and passion in your heart, and you will deserve a love returned in full.  
4. Stay bright, stay bold and stay YOU … destiny will bring your soul together with the one you are meant to find. 


  • Rebecca is a whimsical and romantic dreamer who loves poetry, beautiful words and adventuring into magical lands through the pages of a book. She can’t wait to connect with other women and hopes to bring a little written magic to their lives.